Reality Smackdown!

Matthew 1:18-20. I would like to know Joseph and Mary if they lived in my community. She was favored of God, and he was a just man. Even though Joseph at first thought Mary had been unfaithful to him, he was considering “putting her away privately, not willing to make a spectacle of her.” This he considered and thought upon, rather than rashly acting out in a fit of rage and bitter hurt. Verse 20 “but while he thought about these things,” the angel of the Lord brought assurance of her faithfulness to him and their betrothal.

Matthew 1:21-25. Again I am touched by and made aware of what a Godly, honorable man Joseph was! He was smacked in the face with reality. No longer was he awaiting the fulfillment of the prophecy that some virgin lady would bear God’s Son, but his very own fiancee is said to be pregnant yet a virgin. That takes faith! Even with hearing it from an angel, that takes faith! But God’s spirit must have borne witness and rang with truth in his heart…something like “your lady is pure and honorable and has humbled herself to whatever lies ahead. She knows she very well might be scorned, face rejection from her beloved as well as local communities…” Talk about a smackdown…SMACK!!! Reality just hit! HELLO!! God WITH us, God changing our lives! God intercepting our day to day plans and wishes for a greater good. SMACK!!! MIRACLES upon miracles!!! Oh the tongue wagging and finger pointing and shunning by RELIGIOUS folks Mary and then Joseph agreed to by saying YES to God! WOW! Think about it! But thank God for their willingness to deny self and accept God’s challenge-filled blessings. Eternally grateful here in Idaho for the deep, life-changing faith of Mary and her fiance Joseph so many years ago. Point to ponder: Is my relationship with God such that I know hear and know His voice AND willingly obey?